With sights on the future, Lexus has introduced the new, Lexus RZ 450e soon to arrive at Lexus of Fort Wayne.

Fully electric and sleek, it’s an SUV expected to be in high demand with launch tentatively scheduled for this winter near Fort Wayne, IN.

And federal tax credits worth up to $7,500 might be in the offing with your sustainable acquisition.

Lexus RZ 450e – The Facets Comprising This Totally Sustainable, Lexus Luxury Model

This new step into the sustainable realm for Lexus encompasses new technology amid powering, and interior and exterior flourishes. All systems lend themselves to pure enjoyment while emissions have been eliminated.

As such, the following features and accoutrements are known to comprise this forward-thinking, Lexus luxury model never requiring fuel or oil changes:

  • Newly developed is the electronic eAxle, which integrates motor, transaxle and inverter for optimal performance.
  • DIRECT4 all-wheel drive provides quick responses to driver activity.
  • Head-up display and a large, centralized touchscreen make for an efficient, sleek cockpit.
  • Cabin offers striking ambient lighting of various shades, shapes and colors for an inspiring night out.
  • Front fascia exhibits a spindled structure principled on the iconic, Lexus grille.
  • Driver instrumentation is digitized and there’s wireless device charging inlaid where center console meets with lower dash.
  • Two glass rooves stretch across the cabin for organic lighting opportunities.

While the above represents the details thus far, more information may be gleaned when contacting Lexus of Fort Wayne.

With launch due this December, you may want to get a “leg-up” on Lexus RZ 450e with the possibility of pre-ordering in Indiana.

And there are those federal tax credits and other benefits to look forward to when selecting Lexus sustainability.

Lexus of Fort Wayne – Excitedly Awaiting, All-New Lexus RZ 450e Near Fort Wayne, IN

Contact us and let our Lexus professionals explain the various benefits to Lexus RZ 450e coming soon to Fort Wayne.

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