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Find the New Lexus Lease Offer for You at Lexus of Fort Wayne

Many Indiana luxury car enthusiasts choose to lease their vehicle. Leasing a Lexus can offer several advantages to Fort Wayne shoppers, ranging from lower monthly payments (especially when taking advantage of our Lexus lease offers) to the ability to upgrade your vehicle every few years. Lexus cars & SUVs feature cutting edge technology & safety features, so it only makes sense many Lexus drivers always want to drive a luxury vehicle equipped with the latest features. When you want that new car feeling without the long-term commitments of ownership, it's only natural to turn to leasing your Lexus.

Our Fort Wayne, IN dealership has an onsite finance center staffed with a team of pros who can help you determine if leasing your Lexus makes sense for your driving needs. We'll work with you to secure affordable lease payments & terms that can fit your specifications.

Leasing vs. Buying - Why Lease Your New Lexus?

There are some real benefits to buying a vehicle, especially if you're looking for longer-term value. Leasing, meanwhile? A good lease is designed to help you save now.

When you lease a vehicle, you're paying for the right to use it, not for the vehicle itself. While this does mean you'll have to deal with some restrictions, it also means you'll typically get a lower monthly payment, as well as extra perks like expanded warranties and more.

What Happens When Your Lease Ends?

When your lease period ends, you'll typically have several options. Our Fort Wayne dealership is your destination for Lexus lease returns, or if you've grown attached to your vehicle our finance team can work with you to discuss purchase options.

  • Return Your Vehicle. Bring the car back, pay off any outstanding fees, and move on! You can upgrade to a new Lexus, or simply turn-in your lease and be on your way.
  • Buy Your Vehicle. If you'd like to keep your leased car for the long haul, you can buy it! And often at a discount too. Contact our Lexus financing team to discuss your options.
  • Extend Your Lease. Our finance team can also help you extend your current lease until a time when you're more ready to move on.

The experts at Lexus of Fort Wayne can help you figure out which option is best for you.

Take the Next Steps Toward Leasing a Lexus

Are you ready to lease a new Lexus from our Fort Wayne, IN dealership? Reach out to the team at Lexus of Fort Wayne today. We can fill you in on our current leasing offers and set you up with a deal that helps you save. We'd love to tell you more about our current new Lexus inventory and everything else our dealership has to offer.

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